Samsung Galaxy Fold Smartphone

On November 25th, Samsung launched its revised Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone to the Canadian market, priming the Canadian market for the impending foldable war. The Galaxy Fold’s highlight is a massive single panel 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display with a 2,152 x 1,536p resolution. When not in use, the phone folds in half to fit in deep pockets. In addition, it has a smaller, 4.6-inch display More »

Ransomware Attackers Leak Stolen Data

Ransomware attacks have taken an unwelcome turn: A Ransomware Group called The Maze gang (yes they now brand themselves) reportedly has begun leaking a victim’s files to create pressure to pay a ransom. Security experts say that leaking data as part of a ransomware shakedown isn’t a surprising turn of events. But it’s unclear whether this tactic will catch on, they say, because simpler ransomware More »

Waterloo Brewing has lost $2.1 million to phishing scheme

KITCHENER – CTV news is reporting that Waterloo Brewing has lost $2.1 million to phishing scheme. The incident happened earlier this month. The brewery then launched an investigation into their bank accounts and computers. Waterloo Brewing doesn’t believe any of its systems were breached and says the personal information of its customers was not compromised. Experts say schemes like these are hard to spot because More »

Microsoft Teams hits 20 million daily users

The battle between Slack and Microsoft Teams continues, and it now looks like Microsoft is gaining the upper hand, according to an article written by Buckley Smith at IT World Canada. As of Tuesday, Microsoft said in a press release it has garnered over 20 million daily users on its communications platform, which comes parceled into Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription bundle. This represents only 10 per cent of the more than More »

Cyber Attacks – What You Need To Know

Financially motivated hackers target many SMBs in North America. With the attack, the infected company or user usually ends up with a banking Trojan ( a hidden file that monitors your banking information), or Ransomware malware (file encryption) in their systems. Ransomware campaigns are not customized for each organization. They are targeting manufacturing, healthcare and accounting businesses that possess critical data and can likely afford More »

Remote Desktop Warning

This article outlines why you need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when using any type of remote desktop software. Call us if you are not using a VPN. It is free with Windows 10 PRO. Ever since it was discovered six months ago, a malicious software called BlueKeep was found in a Windows component known as Remote Desktop Services. It affects machines running unpatched versions More »

Cyber Attacks

The plight of SMBs facing cyberattacks has been a predictable story: smaller companies with limited budget, staffing, and expertise rarely fare well when faced with an attack. And, for the longest time, SMBs seemed reluctant to acknowledge that every SMB is a potential target. In 2019, SMBs offer cybercriminals enough potential return on investment to be just as viable a revenue-generating victim as mid-market and More »

A review of the Google Pixelbook Go

This is an excellent review of the Google Pixelbook Go from Tom Li ( If you are a G-Suite user, you will want to read about Google’s newest laptop. Mr. Li writes, “I’ve been an avid PC user for as long as I can remember. Throughout the years, I’ve handled a manifold of Windows devices from the corpulent to the sleek, from the robust to More »

Why it is important to log off or close an application program before shutting down your computer

Recently, we had a client call us in a panic stating “all of my project files are gone”. It appeared that all the project files they were working on, some as old as two years, went “missing”. Upon further investigation we found that all of these files, close to 200, were still on the server, but they were corrupted. Since they were corrupted, the files More »

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