Musing 2015 #2 – Windows 10

So, by now most people have heard that Microsoft is giving away its next generation operating system, Windows 10, for free. No, there is no gimmick, there is no catch, it is free. However, as we all know, there is no such thing as a free lunch, or am I looking a gift horse in the mouth? All old sayings aside, yes, the upgrade is More »

Musing 2015 #1 – Disaster Recovery

In Musings 2014 #2 we talked about disaster recovery. Let’s talk about actually having to use the plan. HardSoft Systems Ltd has been in business since 1984 and we have had many experiences with client disasters of varying degrees (unexpected server issues, a water tank bursting right above a computer room, a natural gas leak making a client evacuate their building for a day), however, More »

Musing 2014 #3 – Sum of the Parts

Today, we will talk about leveraging the overall Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and a change in thinking. The traditional view of IT (people, equipment, services, etc) has to change. Computers are not a necessary evil, they are a tool. The more ways you can use a tool, the more utility you get from it. So, for example, if you use a computerized accounting system, and More »

Musing 2014 #2 – Extreme Weather

We have all seen the effects of extreme weather and it seems like there has been more of it in the last few years. Regardless if there is more of it or if we just hear about it more due to our hyper-connected world, it is something we need to be aware of. But, you may be asking yourself why are you reading about extreme More »

Musing 2014 #1 – Cautionary Tale

A Cautionary Tale of Low Prices Recently we heard a sad tale. A client had gone with a *VERY* low cost hosting company ($5.00 /mo) instead of our ‘more expensive’ offering ($30.00/mo). She recently found out the high cost of the low cost solution. Let me explain. The service was $5.00 /mo and as she has now found out, pretty much anything other than hosting, More »

Musing 2013 #3 – Unified Communications

You may recall in Musings #1 that we talked briefly about Unified Communications (UC), well, it is a concept that I would like to delve into more in this issue of Musings. As mentioned before, email, smartphones, etc have evolved and are integral to our lives and it seems like the humble office phone is being left behind. However, with UC the office phone has More »

Musing 2013 #2 – Offsite Data Storage

Offsite Data Storage – in depth examination of issues We are rapidly approaching my favourite holiday, Canada Day! For many years my family and I have spent the day @ Spencer Smith Park in Burlington enjoying the sights and sounds (and strawberry shortcake at the JoBrant Museum, yum!) and reflecting on our good fortune to have a country like ours to live and grow in. More »

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