Cloud Services

Cloud Services

As the IT industry has been struggling with how to present and package their products and services under the banner of a Cloud Service, HSL has been offering these same services for years just without the Cloud label.

Understand, Cloud Services are just outsourced services managed and hosted elsewhere.

What sets apart HSL offerings is that we downplay the labels and hype and just offer services that work.

Our offerings are hosted in Canada (for why that is important click here), near 3 major power grid tie-ins, backed up by UPS and a generator, maintained by our professional staff, upgraded constantly to keep ahead of demand and requirements, all for a low monthly fee.

We take all the worry and risk out of the services.

HSL Hosted Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is a great platform for email, calendaring, task lists, sharing resources, etc. it also allows for staff to share calendars, have shared mailbox folders (think a sales team sharing a territory being all able to see a common mail folder for incoming inquiries, no more missed/delayed opportunities). However, this comes at a price. We can mitigate this by renting you an Exchange server with the price a fraction of buying it can be up and running quickly and it scales up as you grow with no large upfront costs, just a low monthly fee. It also can do full, wireless 2 way sync of email, calendars etc with your Blackberry (any version), Android smartphone or iPhone. Call us @ 1-800-263-8433 FREE or click here to email to talk to our staff about this exciting product.

We also support Google For Work! Mail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, and so much more!

Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite for your business that helps you get work done from anywhere on any device.


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