Phone Systems

Phone Systems: Unified Communications

We have watched the evolution of Voice over IP (VOIP) telephone systems and how traditional approaches to telephone systems are not allowing for the full integration of these new phone systems and the rest of the data processing systems.

Therefore we have developed our own Unified Communication offering that fully integrates telephony with the rest of the communications infrastructure.

It means that voicemail, email, phones, computers, smartphones, tablets etc, all work together to keep our clients working.

Seamlessly, transparently, easily, wherever they find themselves.

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Fax to Email Gateway

Are you frustrated with the paper waste of junk faxes?

Are you annoyed that that important fax is in a filing cabinet and not available to you when you are out of the office? Well, have we got a system for you! HSL has developed a low cost, high reliability fax to email gateway product that can fill these and other needs.

It takes all incoming faxes, converts them to PDFs and emails them to an email address of your choice.

Then, you can preview them, delete the junk faxes with no paper waste and file and/or forward the valuable ones to your email (or save them on your server, or keep them in the Cloud) where you can access them anytime anywhere.

Call us @ 1-800-263-8433 FREE or click here to email to see how we can help you navigate out of the paper jungle.


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