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49% of workers, when forced to update their password, reuse the same one with just a minor change

We all should know by now that password reuse is a big problem. Many computer users make the mistake of trusting the same password to protect their different online accounts, not realising that if one site gets hacked that may provide the key for hackers to break in elsewhere. Malicious attackers use credential stuffing techniques to automatically throw databases of stolen usernames and passwords at More »

Microsoft Teams hits 20 million daily users

The battle between Slack and Microsoft Teams continues, and it now looks like Microsoft is gaining the upper hand, according to an article written by Buckley Smith at IT World Canada. As of Tuesday, Microsoft said in a press release it has garnered over 20 million daily users on its communications platform, which comes parceled into Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription bundle. This represents only 10 per cent of the more than More »

Microsoft is back in the Phone Business.

At its Surface launch event in New York last week, Microsoft made an unexpected move and unveiled the Surface Duo, a foldable Surface tablet smartphone The Surface Duo is absolutely massive. A single half is large enough to dwarf the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, making it nearly impossible to fit into pockets. Details of the Surface Duo are scarce, but we do know that it’s running More »

Going Cashless Could Save Retailers 15 Hours a Week?

A recent study from Square, Inc. would seem to support this strategy. The study, which surveyed 310 Canadian business owners, found that businesses are losing 14.5 hours a week by handling cash. “There’s endless ways to contribute to your business outside of just counting money. Once you get the burden of mathematics out of the way, it kind of frees you up as an operator to expand More »

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