We Have Much in Common

As a Certified Public Accountant; CPA you have a tough job. Not only are you consulting your clients on tax planning, and financial management, you have to keep up with the latest government regulations and advise them on best business practices. To keep ahead with your clients, you need your technology to keep up with you.

As your customers rely on you for your accounting and financial planning expertise so they can concentrate on their business, you can rely on us for our technology expertise so you can focus on serving your clients.

You don’t have time to get into details of technology such as VPNs, E-Mail, Ransomware, cloud backup, virus attacks and Microsoft updates. We have a team of IT Professionals that live, breath and enjoy technology.

Like you, we go beyond the basic services model. Like you, our mission is to prevent problems before they occur, as crisis management is expensive.

We understand that you are dealing with many types and versions of business software such as QuickBooks, Sage 50 and many others.


We can solve that problem. For example we can create virtual operating systems that will support older versions of QuickBooks that run on the same hardware. So you can run Windows 10 and Windows 7 on the same computer – allowing you to switch to Windows 7 to work on older QuickBooks versions. Saving you the hassle of assigning an old computer to run these programs and allowing more people access to these files.

Leverage our Expertise

We can work together to help your customers. You can have one of our team available for presentations on Ransomware, Cyber Security and best practices to add value to your client base.

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