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What is MSP?

We rely on our computers to be working all the time. We come into work, grab a coffee and turn on the computer and start our day. Then the day comes when the computer has a problem just when you need to get that report done or need to get an important email. Your whole business comes to a halt.

You may think to yourself, if a computer is so smart these days, why can’t it tell me when it is going to have a problem before it breaks down? It may seem that computer problems never give you an advanced warning of pending doom but actually in many cases they do. You just need to know where to look for them.

At HardSoft Systems we like to take the panic out of computing for our clients. We offer a Managed Service Program or MSP. This means we handle your entire computer and IT issues in a proactive manner at a fixed monthly price. We constantly monitor your IT systems and watch for potential issues and resolve them before they become a problem for your business. In the long run this model is cheaper for many companies as the uptime of their IT systems improves dramatically.

We like to say we give you “full time support at a part time price.”

1. We handle all of your technology needs so you can concentrate on your business.
2. Reduce stress on your employees – they can call anytime as you receive unlimited phone calls so they will not hesitate to call.
3. Simplify your IT budget – with flexible services that are based on flat monthly fees.
4. Plan and implement technology upgrades, virtualization or cloud computing – and let us handle as much or as little as you need.
5. Get the insider information on the new technology trends from experts. We love to show you how to make your business bigger, faster and stronger!.

Ask about our Managed Services Program and see all of the advantages letting the experts handle your technology while you grow your business.

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