As the second part of our name implies, HSL is also a software company. We go beyond just supporting different operating systems.

Working with Business owners like yourself, we are very familiar with the major software brands that you use everyday. This allows us to understand your needs and we have the ability to talk to liason with these suppliers  as required to ensure you get the maximum benefits from the hardware and software.

Our philosophy is that we are hardware and software neutral. Therefore we support many software platforms to allow the most flexibility to our customers. Legacy systems may run on older platforms but we can allow a customer a migration path to more newer systems and still keep their existing software and hardware systems supported.

A true value add for our clients is to write software to integrate their existing systems together to make them bigger, faster. stronger.

We call this “business acceleration”. Here are some examples:

A client has 3 different branches spread throughout Southern Ontario. Since we have similar IT architecture in each location, with a few simple and inexpensive upgrades to each site, each site is the offsite backup site for each other. (click here for details)

An insurance broker was examining their business processes and saw that generating ACORD documents (an ACORD document is a standard proof of insurance document for the trucking industry) was taking a great deal of staff time. Their clients wanted access to these documents 7 x 24 as some were losing out on job bids when the insurance office was closed. They came to HSL as their technology partner and asked if there was a way to automate this process. (click here for details).

We have a number of clients who have salespeople on the road. If they have integrated IT systems we can reduce the need for those salespeople to be in the office and reduce the time they spend on administrative tasks.(click here for details).

At HSL when calls come into the office, a popup appears on everyone’s computer screen (since our phone system is integrated with all our other systems). The pop-up provides information about the call (if available), like date/time, what line the call came in on, calling company name, main contact, last sale date, what they typically purchase from us, etc. This enables whoever answers the phone to talk more intimately with the caller and increases engagement. Alternately (or in combination with) we could have calls popup different scripts based on what number was called e.g. we could have specific phone numbers published in different marketing ads or prospecting campaigns. These scripts would then ensure that the person answering the phone followed the program/ process.


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