Capital One Data Breach

Capital One Financial Corp announced Monday that the FBI has arrested an alleged hacker who accessed the personal information of as many as 6 million people in Canada and 100 million people in the United States. For Canadians, the hack compromised 1 million social insurance numbers (SIN). The information exposed in the hack was largely linked to consumers and small businesses that applied for Capital One credit card More »

Marriott Fined $123 Million For 2018 Security Breach

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) issued the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) fine against Marriott as the result of a major security breach in 2018 that resulted in more than 339 million guest records being exposed. The $123 million GDPR fine is approximately 3 percent of the company’s $3.6 billion in global annual revenue. The maximum fine under the GDPR rules can now More »

Equifax fined for Data Breach

Fines continue to be levied for data breaches across the planet, and a $700 million settlement from credit-reporting company Equifax has been trending on Google News. It is the largest settlement related to a data breach that we have ever seen. Equifax experienced a major data breach in 2017, which exposed the private information of around 147 million customers. As part of the settlement, Equifax More »

“100 per cent of breaches are the result of people”

As a penetration tester Joshua Crumbaugh, who now heads the Alabama-based security awareness training firm PeopleSec, says employees are the real block to improving digital security. “I would argue 100 per cent of breaches are the result of people,” he told the International Cyber Security and Intelligence Conference Wednesday. In fact in an interview he argued the overwhelming amount of an organization’s cyber spending should go to More »

Your TV is Now a Camera?

Trending on social media is a story that may chill you to the bone. Indian news channel Zee News has reported that a married couple may have found themselves exposed to the world all thanks to their smart TV. The man discovered a video of him and his wife engaged in an intimate moment on a porn site. After contacting cyber security experts, the conclusion More »

Don’t have a Business Website?

If you are one of the many SMBs that do not have a website? we can help. A website today is similar to a business telephone number as many people look on-line for services. A recent study from The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) says, despite the obvious benefits, Canadian small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) continue to struggle developing a digital presence. BDCs chief More »

A Week Old Data Backup to the Rescue

We talk about how a companies data backup is critical but what about if you are a content publisher on the internet? University of Ottawa’s online student news site was attacked and years of content was deleted over a weekend. Luckily a data backup was found that was a week old, so the site could be restored. The incident is a reminder to make sure More »

British Airways Data Breach

The U.K. data regulator is fining British Airways 183 million pounds ($229 million) over a breach that compromised information on half a million customers. The airline revealed in September that it had been the victim of a hack. The scam saw customers diverted to a fake website where credit card details were harvested by the attackers. Britain’s Information Commissioner’s Office says its investigation found “poor More »

Canadian Businesses Increase their Cyber Security Budgets

47% of Canadian businesses believe they are more ready for cyber threats than they were this time last year, according to a new report published by CDW Canada. Daniel Reio, the director of product and partner management and marketing for CDW Canada, said he believes this may have to do with the increased risk of malware, which was listed as the top security concern (outside More »

The “one ring” con

There in another old scam making the rounds these days, called the “one-ring” con, because often your phone only rings once. This may happen a few times over a week. Actually, it may not be a wrong number, it’s probably a scam. The idea is to get you wondering who called and to dial back the phone number that appears on your caller ID screen. More »

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