2020 Malware Predictions

As 2020 approaches, it comes the impending waves of new malware that businesses will have to defend themselves from. Myla Pilao, the director of technology marketing for cybersecurity firm Trend Micro, sees three major trends on the horizon: an increase in malware using unconventional behaviors, an emergence of Linux-based malware, and a continued increase in the volume and complexity of info-stealing malware. When it comes to the classification More »

Why it is important to log off or close an application program before shutting down your computer

Recently, we had a client call us in a panic stating “all of my project files are gone”. It appeared that all the project files they were working on, some as old as two years, went “missing”. Upon further investigation we found that all of these files, close to 200, were still on the server, but they were corrupted. Since they were corrupted, the files More »

A Week Old Data Backup to the Rescue

We talk about how a companies data backup is critical but what about if you are a content publisher on the internet? University of Ottawa’s online student news site was attacked and years of content was deleted over a weekend. Luckily a data backup was found that was a week old, so the site could be restored. The incident is a reminder to make sure More »

Canadian Businesses Increase their Cyber Security Budgets

47% of Canadian businesses believe they are more ready for cyber threats than they were this time last year, according to a new report published by CDW Canada. Daniel Reio, the director of product and partner management and marketing for CDW Canada, said he believes this may have to do with the increased risk of malware, which was listed as the top security concern (outside More »

Government of Canada issues cyber security guide for SMBs

Small and mid-sized companies face a dilemma when it comes to cyber security: If they can’t afford full-time infosec experts to effectively defend themselves, what and how much can they afford to do? To answer, the government hopes, is in a new guide issued by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security. The Centre is the recently-established federal advisory agency on security. It’s a unit of More »

Malware Attacks up 103%

Canada faced the second biggest increase in malware attacks last year among customers according to corporate security vendor SonicWall. Malware attacks detected by those using SonicWall firewalls and other security devices hit 432.2 million, up 103 per cent over 2017, according to a report released Tuesday by the company in its annual cyber threat report. By comparison, attacks against Brazil were up 119 per cent More »

Bad password list

Bad habits die hard, according to SplashData’s eighth annual list of Worst Passwords of the Year. After evaluating more than 5 million passwords leaked on the Internet, the company found that computer users continue using the same predictable, easily guessable passwords. Using these passwords will put anyone at substantial risk of being hacked and having their identities stolen. While terrible passwords such as “123456” and More »

Winterize Your Computer Systems

The first snow has arrived so it is time to get ready for the winter months. Many people in the East are getting their snow tires put on their cars and doing winter maintenance checks, including antifreeze, batteries, and emergency car kits.  It just makes sense to prepare for the unexpected. Like your car, your IT systems need to be reviewed to be reviewed as More »

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