SIN Scammer Gets $4,000

The CBC reports that a 23-year-old server, lost $4,000 to the “SIN scam,” a new version of the Canada Revenue Agency fraudulent act that’s been used for years to dupe people out of their money. It all started two weeks ago when the victim got a terrifying call from Service Canada telling her that her social insurance number had been compromised. The caller identified himself More »

The “one ring” con

There in another old scam making the rounds these days, called the “one-ring” con, because often your phone only rings once. This may happen a few times over a week. Actually, it may not be a wrong number, it’s probably a scam. The idea is to get you wondering who called and to dial back the phone number that appears on your caller ID screen. More »

Woman Scammed by Fake Microsoft Tech-support

A woman from St. Mary’s First Nation in Fredericton, N.B., is speaking out after she was targeted by an online pop-up scam. Sheila Brooks said she was using the internet on her laptop at home on May 4, when a black box with computer codes in it flashed across her screen. There was also an alarm sound and a warning that her bank account was at More »

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