The “one ring” con

There in another old scam making the rounds these days, called the “one-ring” con, because often your phone only rings once. This may happen a few times over a week. Actually, it may not be a wrong number, it’s probably a scam. The idea is to get you wondering who called and to dial back the phone number that appears on your caller ID screen. You don’t realize it, but this goes to an international number that charges you for the minutes you rack up when you’re on the line. The fraudster gets a piece of the charge. You likely get charged a few dollars for the call, and probably ignore it when you look at your phone bill. But these small charges add up for the fraudster.

A more recent variation is the recorded voice that talks in some sort of foreign language. You think, now that is a truly a wrong number. Again, they are trying to get you to call the number back. We get these all the time on our cell phones. Don’t let your curiosity get the best of you. Hang up, and block the number. Here is the full story from Howard Solomon at IT World Canada

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