Toilet Paper RollBot??

This is an innovation that will surely make you laugh. There’s been at least one time when you were on the toilet and ran out of toilet paper, isn’t there?

Well, in an attempt to enhance the bathroom experience, Charmin shed light on various innovations including its RollBot. It’s is a self-balancing robot that can be controlled with a Bluetooth-enabled phone to deliver a fresh roll of Charmin to you. All you’d need to do is push a button when you’re on the porcelain throne and out of toilet paper, and the bot will roll its way to your rescue, carrying an emergency paper roll.

The RollBot was rolled in and rolled out of the Charmin GoLab in the Procter & Gamble LifeLab booth at CES 2020. The company says that it will not be available for retail sale.

Here is a list of all gadgets at the CES 2020  – article by  Pragya Sehgal

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