Tech Companies Need to Allow Remote Work to Compete

Tech companies will need to start allowing for more remote work opportunities, as location was found to be an important factor for tech workers in Toronto, according to a new study by

29 per cent of respondents stated they would not consider a job that requires more than 30 minutes to commute to and 65 per cent said they would be interested in a position that allows them to always work remotely.

Both of these findings were surprising said Mehul Patel, the chief executive officer of Hired.

And to compete in the global landscape, Patel says tech companies in Toronto will need to catch up to these demands from the working population.

“I was surprised at how crucial job location is for tech workers. While Toronto is becoming a larger tech hub, it’s still not on par with cities like San Francisco or Seattle,” said Patel. “If companies in Toronto want to reach a larger, more diverse set of candidates, they should consider remote work options for those unwilling to make a long commute.”

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Here is the full story from Buckley Smith from IT World Canada

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