Siri, Tie My Shoes! Seriously?

Nike on Thursday announced Adapt Huarache shoes. They’re a redesign of the original Nike Huarache launched in 1991 and use FitAdapt self-lacing technology similar to the Nike Adapt BB shoes that were announced in January.

The Adapt Huaraches work with the Apple Watch and Siri, so you can ask Siri to control a motor inside to lace or unlace the shoes.

With support for Apple’s Siri shortcuts, users can talk to an Apple Watch or an iPhone and say a phrase like “Siri, release my shoes” to remove them.

The Adapt Huaraches also support different presets for fit styles. You can set a tighter fit for exercise, or a looser one when you’re at home. Like the Adapt BB shoes, you can select and change the color of two LED lights that sit on the sole, and each fit preset can be set to display a different color. Nike will offer different presets for foot types and activities, it said.

Here is the full story from Todd Haselton at CNBC

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