Kaspersky Antivirus Alert

Users of Kaspersky Antivirus products should note the software does something that can help hackers track you. When you go to a web page Kaspersky adds a unique identifying number to the page to see if it’s on a list of suspicious and phishing web addresses. However, a security researcher says that could allow you to be tracked. Notified of the problem, last month Kaspersky updated it software so the number it adds is the same for everyone and not unique to each subscriber. However, that could still identify you as a Kaspersky user, which might be useful to a hacker. There’s a way to turn this feature off. Go to settings→ additional→ network→ and then un-check traffic processing box. However, that may interfere with some Kaspersky safeguard capabilities . Here is the full blog from Howard Solomon at IT Canada

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