Ransomware as a service?

At the time of this post, it’s been nearly one month now since the City of Baltimore was hit with a nasty Ransomware attack that locked down its servers and left the city government without email, telecommunications, and disrupted real-estate transactions and bill payments..

Some security experts meanwhile have obtained and studied samples of the so-called Robbinhood Ransomware used in the attack. Like most Ransomware today, Robbinhood tries to disable security applications and backup systems.

Most Ransomware attacks don’t take as long to recover from as Baltimore’s incident. According to a recent study by email security service Mimecast, 42% of public sector organizations had been hit with a disruptive Ransomware attack in the last month; 44% suffered two to three days of downtime in the wake of a Ransomware attack, and 30% suffered four to five days.

Here is a link to the complete article written by  Kelly Jackson Higgin; Executive Editor at DarkReading.com

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