Cyber Attacks and Small Business

According to Microsoft Store’s 2017 Small Business Insights Survey, 43% of all cyber attacks will target small business. Over 50% of small businesses say they are not concerned about a cyber attack. Even more concerning, over 25% of small businesses say they are doing nothing about data security.

Consider my mind blown…..

With all of the media information about data security and cyber attacks, I believe that some business owners have either believe it will not happen to them or have become immune to this issue.

Cyber criminals do attack small businesses as they are generally easier targets, as the survey says 25% of businesses do nothing to protect themselves. This is like burglars’ going to a neighborhood where they know all the houses have their front doors left open.

Cyber attacks are just one component of data security. Let’s look at a few areas where data breaches can occur

  • Employee Departures

According to a study by eSecurity Planet, 69% of companies have suffered a data loss due to employee turnover.  Most of the data removed is customer service data, sales lists or contacts/prospects that the employee has been engaging with during the execution of their jobs. Few companies, approximately 28 percent according to the survey, take the time to inspect and remove company data from employee personal devices used at work. Once it is determined that a certain employee will be terminated and/or resigns from the company, then restrictions on access to sensitive data must take place to protect business.

  • Old Computer Drives

Many companies do not think about the proper way of erasing data from old drives/computers before they give them away or send them for recycling. To properly destroy the data from a drive takes a specific process and the vendor who destroys the data should provide a certificate of destruction confirming what was done.

  • Ransomware and Attacks

Cyber attacks can occur through brute force on a company website; e-commerce sites are very attractive as they contain credit card and payment information, or pshing attempts through emails, and text messages to company mobile devices. Educating employees can go along way in helping companies protect their data.

Business owners choose a managed services plan to delegate the care of their IT systems to the experts who will monitor the business 7×24 to free up their time and resources to concentrate on growing the business.


Stay atop of changing technology

According to the same Microsoft Store’s 2017 Small Business Insights Survey, nearly half of business owners surveyed identified their top challenge as staying ahead of rapid changes in technology in 2018. Having a team of IT experts at your disposal allows you to keep abreast of the latest technology and how to apply that technology to make your business bigger, faster and stronger.

A managed services program can be customized to meet your business needs. A good managed services program provider has a team of people that will answer the phone when you need help and will respond to keep your business systems running so you can keep focused and move forward.

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