Why Use a Managed Services Program

Why Use Managed Services?

Concentrate on growing your business

The major benefit of managed services is that you, as a business owner, do not have to worry about your daily IT operations. You have enough on your plate growing your business, talking to prospects, leading your employees; the last thing you want to concern yourself with is the IT systems.  Imagine asking yourself on the commute to work, “did the data back-up happen last night? Is the network running at top speed? Did we get attacked by Ransomware last night? Are all workstations and printers running?” You don’t have time for this.

Business owners choose a managed services plan to delegate the care of their IT systems to the experts who will monitor the business 7×24 to free up their time and resources to concentrate on growing the business.

Cost Savings

One of the biggest business values of managed services is greater cost savings. This will come in a couple of major areas. You free up your staff’s time from trying to sort out IT issues, allowing them to devote more to higher value projects they’re properly equipped to manage while increasing overall productivity. Plus a properly executed managed services program is designed to keep things running. With little or no downtime, staff efficiency increases along with morale. When facing customer deadlines your staff will not have to worry about intermittent printer issues “again”, or an application that will not work properly. Since 23% of businesses say that budget restraints were an major issue in growing their business, doing preventative maintenance under a managed services program will keep the existing technology running efficiently and extend the life of the systems.


According to Microsoft Store’s 2017 Small Business Insights Survey, 43% of cyber attacks will happen to small businesses. Over 50% of small businesses say they are not concerned about a cyber attack. Even more concerning, over 25% of small businesses say they are doing nothing about data security. Small businesses utilize laptops, desktops, smartphones, applications, tablets, servers, operating systems, browsers. All of these store and transmit data and are exposed to the outside world and therefore require the strictest security measures. Remote monitoring of devices, and applying cyber security best practices allows for the detection and prevention of potential vulnerabilities.

Stay atop of changing technology

According to the same Microsoft Store’s 2017 Small Business Insights Survey, nearly half of business owners surveyed identified their top challenge as staying ahead of rapid changes in technology in 2018. Having a team of IT experts at your disposal allows you to keep abreast of the latest technology and how to apply that technology to make your business bigger, faster and stronger.

A managed services program can be customized to meet your business needs. A good managed services program provider has a team of people that will answer the phone when you need help and will respond to keep your business systems running so you can keep focused and move forward.

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