Remote Monitoring

One of the services that we provide our clients under a Managed Services Plan (MSP) is remote monitoring of components in their system. The reason our clients choose to be on a MSP is to keep the computer system running efficiently at all times. This is achieved by defined periods of maintenance and by detecting problems before they create downtime.

One way we keep a close eye on things is through our remote monitoring software.

Let’s quickly look at the benefits of remote monitoring two of the major components in your system, the server and workstations.

As servers and workstations become more complex in their design, this also allows for monitoring of the device performance and they can provide us with important information about their health.


Server Monitoring

We can monitor the performance of the server for things such as storage volumes, disk usage, capacity and potential failure of the one of the storage drives. Storage drives will give indications of their failure long before it happens. Such was the case with one of our clients. One of the storage drives on their server was having problems and we were able to walk in and replace the drive without any business interruption. The client commented how did you know there was a problem? Through our remote monitoring process we were able to take quick action to replace the drive before a total drive failure occurred.  Other information reported by the server relating to data backups, virus infection and/or Ransomware attacks can also be analyzed in detail when required.

Workstation Monitoring

With workstations issues such as disk usage and performance are monitored. Another advantage of remote monitoring on a workstation amazing feature for the client is that we can take control of your workstation at anytime to provide assistance. Many of our clients are road warriors so if they have a problem while out of the office we can remote into their computer, share the screen and go step by step with the user to resolve most issues.

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