Texting Cyber Attacks

Recently, we have seen a number of text messages come across our mobile phones that, if opened, can create problems for you.

Example #1

“Hi, it’s Fido: You’ve been refunded 10.15$ due to an overcharge on your last bill. Click here to claim your funds: interafund.info/interac/”

Notice that the $ sign is behind the dollar amount instead of in front.

Example #2:

“A purchase has been made on your apple account of $136.00. If you did not make the purchase then please click here appleid/purchase.pe”

If you did indeed have an apple account, it would be best to log into your account via a computer to see what has transpired

You cannot hover over a link in a text message. So you don’t know where it will take you. In some cases the link would be after your credentials. Another link could download an infection on to your phone then once that phone is connected to the wifi network at work, it could infect your business network.

Cyber attacks are now graduating to your phone. You cannot hover over the text message like you can do with a computer browser, so you must be keep a watchful eye on this new wave of attacks designed to get your credentials.

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