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Well, it looks like spring has finally sprung!  We now have warmer and longer days, we all seem to have more energy and there is that sense of optimism and the desire to do ‘spring cleaning’. Sometimes that spring cleaning is getting out the BBQ or giving the car a good cleaning … we should also think of doing that to some of  our business plans and processes! That could be in the form of picking one process a week and asking ‘why do we do it this way?’ – or – maybe we focus on one part of the business – like cybersecurity – and asking questions around how the security landscape has changed and how awareness, processes and tools have to adapt as a result.

To help you with these we have collected some helpful articles and videos which are listed below. However, if you would like help with any of these initiatives, please call us @ 1-800-263-8433 and we can assist. Enjoy!

The Surprising Power of Questions
Alison Wood Brooks & Leslie K. John, Harvard Business Review
Asking questions has been proven to add value to any business by creating better dialogue between co-workers and adding to your own emotional intelligence.  Many business owners and executives, however, don’t think to ask enough questions and it doesn’t always come naturally.  Learn from two Harvard professors how to ask questions, the types of questions to ask, the best tone to use, and more.  It’s a valuable skill for everyone in the business world.
4 Ways to Overhaul Your Email Habits & Get Your Time Back
Hayden Field, Entrepreneur
The amount of time we spend on email often hinders our productivity, especially within the business world.  A recent survey has shown that each weekday in the U.S., the average white-collar worker spends about 5.4 hours checking email.  While we many never achieve our dream of “inbox zero,” learn four key ways to revamp your email strategy, saving more time for better work outcomes.
Why You Should Still Be Updating Your Linkedin Profile
Beth Luberecki, The Washington Post
Many workers tend to avoid or put off the importance of properly marketing themselves in the digital age through vehicles such as LinkedIn.  If you are not keeping your LinkedIn profile updated, however, you should  consider doing so.   Learn why it makes sense to keep your profile updated, as well as potential missed benefits by not doing so.
5 Highly Effective Negotiation Tactics Anyone Can Use
Jeff Haden, Inc.
The art of negotiation is still as important as ever and there is always more to learn.  A good negotiator doesn’t look at it as a competition or fight, but rather the opportunity of finding common ground and helping both parties achieve their goals.  Learn five easy-to-implement tips to help you become a better negotiator.
Cybersecurity Spring Cleaning You Should Do
Ted Knutson, Forbes
It’s that time of year again with re-birth, blooming flowers, and of course cleaning!  Spring cleaning also applies to us in the technology world, and a great way to start is with cybersecurity.  Spring cleaning for your computer, cellphone, and all internet-connected devices is just as important as any other type of cleaning. Learn the seven cybersecurity spring cleaning tips that will protect your data and help create more security.
Soft Robot
The clever robot that uses air to grow and steer
Holographic Projector
Cutting-edge visual solution for displaying 3D content
Personal Mind Reader
MIT is creating the next interface you wear and control silently

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