This can take different measures from recommending and replacing equipment that is past its ‘best-before-date’ to having remote access to deal with problems quickly. We always supply equipment of quality that gives good value.

When we are asked to solve a problem for a client, we look to the basics of what their business needs are and then build the solution that fits.

Creating more complicated technology for the sake of adding the latest technology is not our our focus.

We represent a large number of product lines, so our experts can help select the solution that provides the best value to your business at the best return of investment.

We want to come to understand the nature of your company and help you use the right technology to grow.

So, we would like to develop a mutually beneficial, long term relationship with you as your IT provider.

Why Should You Trust Your Business with Us?

HardSoft Systems Ltd (HSL) was incorporated in 1984. Originally, we started out with a suite of computer telecommunication products. As time went on we expanded our product and service offerings to include all aspects of computing.

We focus on what we do best, supporting your business. We do this by supplying, servicing and keeping your technology running. This allows you to focus on your desire to run your own business.

Recently renamed our technicians to ‘Uptime Specialists’. Is this just a marketing ploy? No, we are trying to reinforce  to you that our focus is keeping your business running.

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Why do Business with HSL


We offer you a choice of free automatic service reminders at key interval or our Peace of Mind automatic service package, at reasonable rates. And, last but not least, we strive to move the IT infrastructure from just supporting the business to leveraging the IT investment as a competitive advantage.

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Our Crazy Skills

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Data Security Solutions 100%
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Professional Technical Support 100%
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Proactive System Monitoring 100%
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Technology Planning 100%
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