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City of Burlington falls for $503K phishing scam

17, Jun, 2019     0

Halton police are investigating after the city of Burlington fell prey to a phishing scam that ended up costing half a million dollars. City officials...

Photos of travelers were taken in a data breach

13, Jun, 2019     0

Hackers managed to steal biometric data collected by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. The Washington Post reported that images of people’s faces and li...

Ransomware as a service?

11, Jun, 2019     0

At the time of this post, it’s been nearly one month now since the City of Baltimore was hit with a nasty Ransomware attack that locked down its...

Canadians use YouTube to learn

03, Jun, 2019     0

YouTube, it turns out, actually plays a significant role within Canadian media, according to a new report from the Audience Lab at the Faculty of Comm...

The CyberExchange Hamilton Ontario – 2019

Dan Struthers (1st from the left) on the panel discussing “You have been breached, now what?”

Our Security Awareness Seminar

Cyber Experts agree, employee training is one of the first steps you should take to help prevent Cyber attacks and Ransomware. We now offer a Cyber Security Seminar.

What will you employees learn?

  • the cost of Ransomware attacks to businesses
  • how to identify phishing, whaling, and zombies
  • 16 strategies they can do immediately to avoid problems
  • the 7th commandment of computer security
  • how to treat passwords like underwear
  • and much more…..

All content is delivered in an interactive, light-hearted and humorous way by our CEO, Dan Struthers.

Dan has over 25 years of experience in the information technology field, and is the Founder and CEO of HardSoft Systems Ltd (HSL). He has worked his way up through the industry and actually started HSL while attending Waterloo University in 1984.  click here to read Dan’s full bio

Take the first steps now to protect your company from Ransomware attacks.

Invest in your employees. get them trained as they are your first line of defense.

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