Ryuk Ransomware Targets Healthcare

IT World Canada reports that a new strain of ransomware first reported in August is now being seen in Canada, hitting at least four organizations here. Click here for the full story 

Cyber Exchange – Kitchener

Cyber Exchange  We enjoyed participating in the Cyber Exchange held in Kitchener, yesterday. Over 50 attendees from local companies, including Cyber Insurance brokers and agents joined us at the Westmount Golf & Country Club for a full day of industry experts. Attendees learned about the incredible threat that Ransomware represents to business leaders and practical steps that companies must take to to protect their business More »

Facebook Breach

Reuters reports that Facebook has had an “incident” where 50 M users credentials may have been compromised – click on the link below for details. Data breaches can happen even to most secure companies….. have a password strategy – change it regulary especially if you use public computers (such as at the library, or friends house)….. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/facebook-reveals-security-incident-affecting-50-million-users/ar-BBNFPf8?ocid=spartandhp

Password Advice

  Great password advice from Maastricht University in Maastricht, Netherlands.    

Cyber Attacks and Small Business

According to Microsoft Store’s 2017 Small Business Insights Survey, 43% of all cyber attacks will target small business. Over 50% of small businesses say they are not concerned about a cyber attack. Even more concerning, over 25% of small businesses say they are doing nothing about data security. Consider my mind blown….. With all of the media information about data security and cyber attacks, I believe More »

Why Use a Managed Services Program

Why Use Managed Services? Concentrate on growing your business The major benefit of managed services is that you, as a business owner, do not have to worry about your daily IT operations. You have enough on your plate growing your business, talking to prospects, leading your employees; the last thing you want to concern yourself with is the IT systems.  Imagine asking yourself on the More »

Why you need to worry about your business data

Here is a news story about a large company and employee data theft. Over 40% of company data breaches are from employees – click here for the story  It is now critical than ever to protect your business data. When you know an employee is leaving, a full activity review should be made before they walk out the door. We can help!! Contact us 1 800 More »

Testing Your Data Backups

  I was talking to a potential client who was having issues with their VOIP phone system. There seemed to be confusion on whether the data for the phone system was backed up. The client wanted to expand their network but needed confirmation from their IT people who were having trouble confirming the information. There should be no “confusion” or question. Testing your data backups More »

Remote Monitoring

One of the services that we provide our clients under a Managed Services Plan (MSP) is remote monitoring of components in their system. The reason our clients choose to be on a MSP is to keep the computer system running efficiently at all times. This is achieved by defined periods of maintenance and by detecting problems before they create downtime. One way we keep a More »

Deleting Data Permanently

No this is not an ad for a new video game but it would be a great movie title! I want to highlight our process of deleting data permanently off storage devices. Why should you care? Data on storage devices can be recovered even if deleted. The normal delete process does not actually remove any data, just the pointer to the data*, as a result, More »



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