Here is our March 2018 Newsletter The recent weather may have had you thinking that spring was here, however, it is still early in the year and there is lots of time to get all the projects done in your business and your personal life. To help keep you motivated, here is a collection of articles on a variety of subjects. We hope you find More »

Meltdown and Spectre

Widespread microprocessor flaws called Meltdown and Spectre have been recently identified. These vulnerabilities are related to the architecture of the processor ship installed in your computer.  These vulnerabilities allow hackers to potentially “observe” passwords and other sensitive personal data on computers It was discovered by Google several months ago. This affects owners of both Windows PCs and Apple Mac computers built with Intel, ARM and More »


Here is some news about the KRACK Hack that affects all wifi devices. All wifi devices usually implement a security protocol called WPA2. There is a vulnerability that exists in the WPA2 protocol so it is an exploit of the protocol design, not a flaw in the implementation of the protocol that is creating an issue. It has been there since wifi WAP2 was created More »


Experian Site Can Give Anyone Your Credit Freeze PIN   Renowned security expert Brian Krebs recently discovered that credit bureau company Experian makes it easier than you think for someone to request the (PIN) needed to unlock a consumer credit file that was previously frozen, compromising important consumer data. Krebs shows how this is done, recommends putting a freeze on your credit files, and talks More »

Scam Artist

Former Scam Artist Has a Warning for Today’s Consumers   Frank Abagnale Jr., whose life as a scam artist was featured in the movie ‘Catch Me if you Can’, is now a top cybersecurity expert who has worked with the FBI for over 40 years. Read this interesting interview from the Wall Street Journal to learn more about Abagnale’s life, and how he thinks consumers More »

AI Future

Prepare Your Business for the AI Future   Margaret Harris, a director of content strategy at Oracle, recent wrote in Forbes that it’s vital for businesses to properly prepare for the new AI future. Companies can move forward with AI without putting too much time and money into faulty projects. Learn several recommendations from Oracle experts on how to move forward with this emerging technology. More »

Handling Disruption

Handling curve balls and implementing change is difficult for any business. While there’s no silver bullet, leadership expert Susan Fowler believes that transforming your staff into proactive self-leaders can help you meet this challenge. Fowler says that proactive self-leadership skills are teachable, details the benefits of doing so, and gives 3 ways you can begin teaching people these vital skills. Click here to read more. More »

18 CEO Secrets

18 CEO Secrets Whose Companies Won’t Stop Growing   Ever wonder why some companies seem to continue growing? Inc. magazine recently interviewed the CEOs of several companies that have repeatedly appeared on the Inc. 500/5000 list and asked them to share their key secrets for spurring growth. Some of the main components include constant learning, discipline, and a whole lot of humility. Read this article More »

Cyber Sercurity

Cyber Sercurity: How to Stay Ahead of the Bad Guys   Cyber Security is always challenging. Companies need to be right 100% of the time, while a cyber criminal only has to be right once. The situation is far from hopeless, however. The CTO of a highly respected Internet security company says we need to focus on thinking like a cybercriminal and then leverage artificial More »

Cyber Insurance

Key Benefits of Cyber Insurance After the Breach   An increasing number of businesses are recognizing the critical need for cyber insurance in case a breach occurs. What many people don’t realize, however, is that most cyber insurance policies include coverage for a data breach coach that will guide you through the process if a breach does happen. Learn more from pro marketer and blogger More »

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