Cyber Certification for Small Business

Cyber Security is an real time concern for small business. Insurance companies are looking at Cyber Insurance as a separate policy from Business Interruption Insurance. IT World Canada has a great article about small business having a cyber security certificate program. Here is the complete article   

Do iRobots Stored Maps of Your Home Create a Security Risk?

Before you buy the latest iRobot for your home – is there a security risk that the layout of your home will be shared on-line? IT World Canada looks at the issue – click here for the full story

Quora Data Breach Affects 100 Million Users

Quora, a question and answer website has had a data breach that affected over 100 Million users. IT World Canada is reporting that the California-based company said Monday that about 100 million users who log in to use the service may have had their accounts compromised in a security breach. That’s about half its estimated total number of users. Click here for the complete story  More »

Marriott Data Breach

The New York Times has reported that the Marriott hotel chain asked guests checking in for a treasure trove of personal information: credit cards, addresses and sometimes passport numbers. On Friday November 30, 2018 consumers learned the risk. Marriott International revealed that hackers had breached its Starwood reservation system and had stolen the personal data of up to 500 million guests. Here is the full More »

FBI Using Phishing to Catch the Fraudster

When the FBI rather than the fraudsters make a fake FedEx website FRAUDSTERS BEWARE! THE FEDS ARE PREPARED TO USE YOUR OWN TRICKS AGAINST YOU. Author: Graham CluleyPUBLISHED NOVEMBER 27, 2018 12:33 PM IN LAW & ORDER, PHISHING  0 With online criminals becoming more adept at covering up their digital tracks it’s not much surprise to hear that law enforcement agencies are using some novel techniques to help them reveal crooks’ true identities.As Joseph More »

Winterize Your Computer Systems

The first snow has arrived so it is time to get ready for the winter months. Many people in the East are getting their snow tires put on their cars and doing winter maintenance checks, including antifreeze, batteries, and emergency car kits.  It just makes sense to prepare for the unexpected. Like your car, your IT systems need to be reviewed to be reviewed as More »

Ontario Cannabis Store Data Breach

The Ontario Cannabis Store says a data breach through Canada Post has affected information from 4,500 customers. In a privacy update on its website, the OCS said the breach late on Nov. 1 affected about two per cent of its customer orders, and information was accessed by a person using a Canada Post delivery tracking tool. Click on the link below to read the full More »

Ryuk Ransomware Targets Healthcare

IT World Canada reports that a new strain of ransomware first reported in August is now being seen in Canada, hitting at least four organizations here. Click here for the full story 

Cyber Exchange – Kitchener

Cyber Exchange  We enjoyed participating in the Cyber Exchange held in Kitchener, yesterday. Over 50 attendees from local companies, including Cyber Insurance brokers and agents joined us at the Westmount Golf & Country Club for a full day of industry experts. Attendees learned about the incredible threat that Ransomware represents to business leaders and practical steps that companies must take to to protect their business More »

Facebook Breach

Reuters reports that Facebook has had an “incident” where 50 M users credentials may have been compromised – click on the link below for details. Data breaches can happen even to most secure companies….. have a password strategy – change it regulary especially if you use public computers (such as at the library, or friends house)…..



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