The National Security Agency helps Microsoft

The National Security Agency recently discovered a major flaw in Microsoft’s Windows operating system — one that could potentially expose computer users to significant breaches or surveillance — and alerted the firm of the problem rather than turn it into a hacking weapon, according to people familiar with the matter. According to Ellen Nakishima   for the Washington Post: The flaw affects Windows 10 users, More »

Your Printer is Secretly Telling on You

Many of the popular printers have been leaving little traces, or dots, allowing those with the know how, to obtain the date and time the document was printed and the serial number of the printer used! This has been proven handy in cases of espionage and whistle blowers but is a little concerning to the average user. The printer leaves a series of microdots, that More »

Windows 10 Security Warning As Dropbox Zero-Day Is Confirmed

Keep Your DropBox Program Up to Date. This is the warning from an article by Davey Winder Senior Contributor Cybersecurity Security researchers have disclosed a zero-day vulnerability in Dropbox for Windows 10 Security researchers have disclosed a zero-day vulnerability in Dropbox for Windows that can enable an attacker to attain Windows SYSTEM privileges from a starting point of a simple Windows user. What is the Dropbox for More »

Growing Sophistication of Malware

A majority of ransomware families deployed in the wild is of the cookie-cutter variety. Even ransomware that uses obfuscation to get around some kind of detection usually ends up being detectable when it starts to actually encrypt files. However, some threat actors are using very sophisticated tools, says Andrew Brandt, principal researcher at Sophos. As one example, he points to ransomware that use “kill lists” to More »

2020 Malware Predictions

As 2020 approaches, it comes the impending waves of new malware that businesses will have to defend themselves from. Myla Pilao, the director of technology marketing for cybersecurity firm Trend Micro, sees three major trends on the horizon: an increase in malware using unconventional behaviors, an emergence of Linux-based malware, and a continued increase in the volume and complexity of info-stealing malware. When it comes to the classification More »

Nearly 75% of all payments are digital, study says

Debit and credit card use in Canada still reign supreme, Payments Canada recently revealed in its annual Canadian Payment Methods and Trends report Payments Canada provided an insight into both year-on-year and five-year payment methods and trends in Canada, analyzing over 21 billion payment transactions made in 2018. Electronic payments accounted for 73 per cent of total payments volume in 2018. Since 2013, debit and credit card More »

LifeLabs Pays Ransom after Massive Data Breach

The Globe and Mail is reporting LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services, Canada’s largest lab testing company, has paid a ransom after a major cyber attack led to the theft of lab results for 85,000 Ontarians and potentially the personal information of 15 million customers. The personal information stolen from the lab test provider could include a customer’s name, address, e-mail, login, passwords, date of birth and More »

Apple admits iPhone 11 Pro still collects location data even when told not to

Any owners of the iPhone 11 Pro will want to hear, and it is trending on Reddit. According to a story from 9 to 5 Mac, a security researched discovered that the device still collects location data, even if the settings should preclude it from doing so. The researcher, who goes by KrebsOnSecurity online, recorded the issue and reported it to Apple, who responded saying More »

SIN Scammer Gets $4,000

The CBC reports that a 23-year-old server, lost $4,000 to the “SIN scam,” a new version of the Canada Revenue Agency fraudulent act that’s been used for years to dupe people out of their money. It all started two weeks ago when the victim got a terrifying call from Service Canada telling her that her social insurance number had been compromised. The caller identified himself More »

Cyber Monday online shopping advice

Think carefully about shopping on a company-owned computer or smartphone. Your employer may not approve. Then be careful of where you shop online. Just because a seller is on Amazon or eBay doesn’t mean the products being sold are legitimate. Lots of people sell knockoffs, or take your money and never ship the goods. A key thing is to research prices of what you’re looking More »

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