Report Says Average Cost of Downtime Due to Ransomware Highest in Canada

The world’s most prominent malware threat is alive and well, and its devastating financial impact on businesses has only increased, especially in Canada, according to Datto Inc.’s fourth annual Global State of the Channel Ransomware Report. In 2019, Canada has the highest average cost of downtime related to a ransomware attack at $180,000, according to Datto’s annual survey. Last year, that number was $65,724. More than 1,400 managed service More »

Why You Should Never Swipe Your Credit or Debit Cards

Hopefully  credit and debit card users know about cards with little gold squares called security chips. If you have a card with a chip you should NOT swipe the card when you pay for things. Swiping is bad, because the machine reads your personal data on the black stripe on the back of the card. And the machines that read that data can be easily More »

US Bank Withholding Canadian Coffee Stand’s Revenue

The owners of a Toronto coffee stand say Square Canada has told them they can no longer use the popular payment technology because of concerns the coffee stand is selling beverages made from Cuban coffee beans. Square Canada allows customers to tap or swipe their financial cards to pay for things — in this case coffee from Toronto’s Little Havana coffee stand Little Havana’s More »

Tech Companies Need to Allow Remote Work to Compete

Tech companies will need to start allowing for more remote work opportunities, as location was found to be an important factor for tech workers in Toronto, according to a new study by 29 per cent of respondents stated they would not consider a job that requires more than 30 minutes to commute to and 65 per cent said they would be interested in a position More »

Folders of Data Belonging to Scotiabank Found on GitHub

A  researcher has discovered application source code and private login keys to back end systems on GitHub repositories. The accusation comes from IT pro Jason Coulls, who, according to the online news service The Register, recently discovered the unprotected folders of data belonging to Scotiabank. “These repositories featured, among other things, software blueprints and access keys for a foreign exchange rate system, mobile application code, and login credentials More »

I Can’t Start My Car – The App is Down!

Some Tesla owners reported being locked out of their vehicles on Labor Day evening because the electric car’s app was down. The problem is, app connectivity shouldn’t have any effect on unlocking a Tesla. On Labor Day evening, numerous drivers found their apps were down “for maintenance” and they were locked out of their vehicles, some for several hours. Tesla allows owners to unlock their cars both More »

Not Again! Medical Data Breach

A Calgary doctor uses his personal Gmail account to communicate sensitive personal health information, does not protect his account, and whammo: 7,000 of his patients now have their private information circulating on the web. Never use your personal email to communicate business sensitive information. In this case, the doctor had been provided with a secure email service by the Alberta Health Service. With many companies, the More »

Are Insurance Companies Promoting Ransomware?

Ransomware is proliferating across America, disabling computer systems of corporations, city governments, schools and police departments. Recently, attackers seeking millions of dollars encrypted the files of 22 Texas municipalities. Overlooked in the ransomware spree is the role of an industry that is both fueling and benefiting from it: insurance. The FBI and security researchers say paying ransoms contributes to the profitability and spread of cybercrime More »

Phone Numbers of 200 Million Facebook Users Found On-Line

A server with databases holding the phone numbers and identity numbers of perhaps as many as 200 million Facebook users in the U.S., the U.K. and other countries has been found open on the Internet by a security researcher. No one knows who the database belongs to, how or when it was copied from Facebook, according to TechCrunch, which first reported the discovery Wednesday. A total More »

Siri is Listening To You

Apple has apologized for its digital assistant Siri sharing some of what it heard with quality control workers as it unveiled new rules for handling data from conversations. Apple will allow its employees to review conversations only from customers who opt into the “Siri grading” program to improve the voice recognition technology. Apple will also delete by default any recordings used for the program. “We More »

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