Windows 7 is dead, but 25% of large businesses in Canada are still running it

Although Windows 7 is officially “dead”, it won’t suddenly cease to function; as anyone who booted it up after the end-of-support deadline of January 14 discovered. It works just fine after you get past the full-screen warning from Microsoft that you’re now at risk since you’re running an unsupported operating system. And they’re right. Once a product is out of support, any issues with it –  be More » Warns of Data Breach

A Winnipeg-based online pharmacy is telling customers their information including medications and medical history may have been compromised in a security incident. hasn’t been reachable for a few days, shortly after Bleeping Computer broke the news that an unknown number of people were being notified. The company says it has 400,000 customers. The site’s home page displays an error message as well as the statement, “This More »

Shocking Number of Robocalls Last Year

We all know the annoyance of robocalls, I received 6 calls from one number one day last week. I realize these numbers are US, Canadian numbers are not available yet, but I wanted to show the trend of these calls, as I am sure we are seeing the same trend in Canada. The problem is that the trend is up because sadly, it seems to be More »

The National Security Agency helps Microsoft

The National Security Agency recently discovered a major flaw in Microsoft’s Windows operating system — one that could potentially expose computer users to significant breaches or surveillance — and alerted the firm of the problem rather than turn it into a hacking weapon, according to people familiar with the matter. According to Ellen Nakishima   for the Washington Post: The flaw affects Windows 10 users, More »

Toilet Paper RollBot??

This is an innovation that will surely make you laugh. There’s been at least one time when you were on the toilet and ran out of toilet paper, isn’t there? Well, in an attempt to enhance the bathroom experience, Charmin shed light on various innovations including its RollBot. It’s is a self-balancing robot that can be controlled with a Bluetooth-enabled phone to deliver a fresh More »

Twitter to Introduce Features to Limit Replies

In a move to stop trolling, harassment and other anti-social behavior, Twitter has introduced new options to stop users from viewing or replying to tweets directly on the compose screen. Twitter, at CES 2020, announced that it will put options to stop and restrict people replying to tweets. This means that Twitter users will soon have more control over who can reply to their tweets.  More »

Currency Exchange Travelex Held Hostage by Ransomware Attack

A ransomware attack has held London-based foreign currency exchange firm Travelex hostage since at least New Year’s Day, the company confirmed Tuesday after more than a week of vague updates. It appears that the Sodinokibi gang is behind the incident. The Sodinokibi gang runs a Ransomware as a service operation and brag that their affiliates have reportedly earned more than 2 Billion Dollars On Tuesday, More »

Samsung shows The Wall MicroLED TV

A bit of lighter news to start the New Year. The largest TV ever seen at Consumer Electronics Show, has been unveiled by our friends at Samsung. Thanks to modular, build-it-as-big-as-you-want MicroLED technology, the world’s biggest TV maker, has put together the biggest TV yet. The Wall measures 292 inches (that’s over 24 feet or 7.4 meters) in its largest iteration. The combination of the More »

Your Printer is Secretly Telling on You

Many of the popular printers have been leaving little traces, or dots, allowing those with the know how, to obtain the date and time the document was printed and the serial number of the printer used! This has been proven handy in cases of espionage and whistle blowers but is a little concerning to the average user. The printer leaves a series of microdots, that More »

Windows 10 Security Warning As Dropbox Zero-Day Is Confirmed

Keep Your DropBox Program Up to Date. This is the warning from an article by Davey Winder Senior Contributor Cybersecurity Security researchers have disclosed a zero-day vulnerability in Dropbox for Windows 10 Security researchers have disclosed a zero-day vulnerability in Dropbox for Windows that can enable an attacker to attain Windows SYSTEM privileges from a starting point of a simple Windows user. What is the Dropbox for More »

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