Deleting Data Permanently

deleting data from storage drivesNo this is not an ad for a new video game but it would be a great movie title! I want to highlight our process of deleting data permanently off storage devices.

Why should you care?

Data on storage devices can be recovered even if deleted. The normal delete process does not actually remove any data, just the pointer to the data*, as a result, the vast majority of ‘deleted’ data can be recovered by simply running one of many freely available data recovery programs. However, there are industry best practices that delete data permanently and in such a way that the contents are not recoverable.

If you are a business owner and you donate old computers to charity or sell them to employees, then the data on the hard drive must be destroyed in a specific manner so it cannot be recovered and read.

Likewise if you want to discard the computer in an environmentally safe and responsible manner, we can handle that for you. We can wipe the data clean before we recycle the computer.

Once the data is securely removed, we issue you a “Certificate of Destruction”.  This can be used for auditors, or insurance purposes or just good old peace of mind knowing the information is gone for good.

This works for any storage device, such as USB drives, external drives, etc. If you have any questions please call or drop us an email at


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