Here is some news about the KRACK Hack that affects all wifi devices.

All wifi devices usually implement a security protocol called WPA2. There is a vulnerability that exists in the WPA2 protocol so it is an exploit of the protocol design, not a flaw in the implementation of the protocol that is creating an issue. It has been there since wifi WAP2 was created but now the hackers have found a simple way to exploit the issue and are selling it in a hackers kit ( this is when the industry is forced to react).

Products that are affected are wireless routers, wifi hotspots, wifi in cars, as well as the devices they communicate with such as smart phones and computers.

Now this exploit is limited to be what we call a targeted type of attack. Since it is a wireless exploit, the hacker must be in range of the wireless network to try it. Therefore you can be assured that no one is vulnerable from half a world away.

The only thorough fix is to update ALL wifi enabled devices with a patch. Microsoft is releasing a patch shortly (if not already). Apple and Google have said their patched will be issued over the next few weeks.
Manufacturers will decide on their own what products will be updated with a patch. We can imagine that not all products will be updated.

Conclusion: We would say that businesses should be wary as this is a perfect exploit if someone wanted access to a corporate network. The hacker can just sit in a car with a laptop near the business, intercept some wifi traffic, run the exploit and they have access to the corporate network. They can then intercept userids and passwords for the network, for banking, etc.

If you are a frequent traveler, or a road warrior that uses wifi hotspots frequently, then you need to seriously consider using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

A VPN creates a private tunnel between you and the internet that cannot be seen by hackers.

This protects you from sitting in an airport lounge, or in a hotel lobby using wifi and being hacked. VPNs are very inexpensive and can be set up easily.

So, if you have any question, please give contact HSL.



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